Paddy sowing accelerates with onset of monsoon

With the onset of monsoon, the movement of sowing paddy too had accelerated in the state. In some parts of the district where some farmers, are preparing their fields for the crop on the other hand at some places the farmers as part of early sowing has started the sowing.
“Conditions are becoming favorable for the onset of the southwest monsoon over Kerala and its further advance into some more parts of south Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Maldives Comorin area, parts of Tamil Nadu, Bay of Bengal and northeastern states during next days,” said Agriculture Extension Officer Sanjeev Rai. He added that the paddy-sowing season is on and would remain for another month. On the other hand, the worse situation that is coming in the way of farmers is the shortage of labourers. Labour shortage is affecting paddy sowing and growers are willing to pay higher wages to labourers along with food and shelter.
“We are offering much higher wages to labourers for paddy sowing this year as labour shortage has become a perennial problem in the state. So we are left with no choice except giving into their demands,” said a paddy grower Avtar Singh.
Another farmer Anoop Singh said labourers are now demanding wages in the range of Rupees 2000-2200 per acre as against wages of Rupees 1600-1800 per acre, they were getting last year for paddy sowing. Besides paying wages, growers will also take care of laborers’ food and shelter needs until paddy sowing is complete.
“We bear food cost three-time a day and then make arrangement for their shelter, TV for their entertainment as well. Sometimes, we also pay to get their mobile recharged,” he said.
Labour shortage has become a permanent crisis in state, as migrant labourers prefer to work in their home states including where they work in infrastructure projects and under MNREGA scheme. He further added that now the farmers are cooperating with each other in sowing, which is the only best option to cope up with the prevailing situation. “Not only the elders but the children who are on summer holidays, are helping their parents in fields”, he added.

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