Pahari Vikas Committee alleges state government for not giving boost to tourism in Bani

Despite gigantic expansion programmes, of giving boost to tourism in the district the government had failed to develop the dissimilar spots of Bani including religious places, which are not having beautiful surroundings however, are having historical importance. The policy makers will have to realize the things on ground base and have to make changes in their planning. These are words of members of Pahari Vikas Committee and Yatri Sewa Committee Daulha Mata.

Chief Patron of Pahari Vikas Committee Advocate Rakesh Thakur castigating state tourism department for not giving proper heed to the related spots said that Bani is having huge scope in tourism sector. It is due the negligence of state government and concerning department for turning a Nelsons’ eye towards the religious places.

Giving reference of Daulha Mata Shrine, Rakesh Thakur said that about one thousand years old temple is still waiting government’s attention. He said that during Navratras more than one Lakh devotees visit in Daulha Mata, from J&K, Himachal and Punjab. He further said that we also call Bani as Dev Bhoomi as its is having many god and goddess temples famous in J&K like Jordayan Mata, Jawala Ji Mata, Mata Dhaggar, Vasuki Naag, Guttu Naag, Gad Mata and Shiv Chouri. But government as well as administration is fail to provide basic facilities to the devotees specially in Navratra festival, as daily the average crowd visit near about ten thousand.

Rakesh Thakur said that from Bani to Daulha Mata by foot, the distance is near about 25 km and devotees face many problems to reach at temple. The track as well as the Darbar of the Mata lacks many basic facilities.

Yatri Sewa Committee Chairman Gauri Shanker also appealed government to take effect step for development. He added that if government brings these historical temples under shrine board, then not only the tourism would boost in the area however, the Pahari people can also develop their income sources.

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