Pak High Commissioner crosses Red Line

Since Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit took over, he has been playing the role of villain rather than of diplomat by creating wedge between India and Pakistan by issuing provocative statements and meeting separatist
leaders despite objections raised by
Indian government..
An envoy is supposed to bring both the countries close to each other but he is responsible for scuttling several time foreign secretary talk level between both India and Pakistan.
In addition, he publicly announced moral and political support to separatist leaders by holding a press conference at Pakistan High Commission office at New Delhi despite strong protest by New Delhi. Now he has crossed all limit when he announced to dedicate celebration of Pakistan Independence Day on August 14 to Kashmir freedom movement.
Basit has been supporting anti national elements on the soil of India and our
government is merely silent spectators, which is not understood.
Had Indian High Commissioner at Islamabad met dissident leaders of
Pak occupied Kashmir or Baluchistan
than would Pakistan government have
tolerated it. Obviously not. Then why Indian government?
Shiv Sena, one of main constituent of NDA government, has called for immediate packing up of Abdul Basit for his stubborn and anti India attitude.
In addition, senior BJP leader Subramaniam Swami has asked for sending Basit to home and calling our ambassador back from Pakistan while Defence community has also come out strongly on Abdul Basit’s Kashmir statement.
This man is openly interfering in internal matter of India and he needs to be shown door to go back.
His statement at Pakistan High Commission office at New Delhi to the effect that Kashmir will be free one day
and his act of dedicating, Pakistan Independence Day celebration to Kashmir is blatant breach of diplomatic protocol.
This is not first time he had earlier crossed Red Line, which continue to be ignored by the Government. His attempt is to provoke India and such person has no locas standi to stay on the soil of India.
Basit is responsible to scuttling peace process between both countries several times when he insisted on meeting
separatist leaders.
Pakistan is not seeing the writing on the wall in its own country, which is heading towards disintegration with freedom moment having peaked in POJK, Gilgat-Baltistan and Baluchistan.
Basit has also failed to probe a good diplomat which is equally not in the interest of Pakistan.
On the other hand, he is not interested to improve India and Pakistan relation.
He is acting on the directions of his Pakistan Army and ISI boss rather than performing duties of a good diplomat to bring both nation closures.
The time has come that Indian
Foreign Ministry should take action with Pakistan Government for his immediate removal or take unilateral action to pack up from Indian soil.
If the government continue to keep on wait and watch policy then the person like Basit would continue to utter venom from the soil of India which nationalists forces cannot tolerate.

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