Pak Must Change its Mindset First

India has made an exception in allowing a joint investigation team (JIT) from Pakistan to visit Pathankot in Punjab where Pakistani terrorists created mayhem two months ago. They would be given access to all the spots associated with the terrorists like the point of entry, where they killed a taxi driver and, finally, where they exchanged fire with the National Security Guards.

They would be shown the bodies of the four terrorists and would even be allowed to take them to Pakistan where they can be buried properly. The details India has gathered like the audio records of the conversations the terrorists had with their handlers in Pakistan will also be shared with them. They wouldn’t be given access to the airbase but in no case, can they say that there is no evidence to link the attack with Pakistan.

Actually, there was no need for the Pakistani team’s visit to India for there is a terrorist outfit in Pakistan which claimed credit for the attack. The arrest and interrogation of its leaders will reveal how the attack was planned and executed, though not successfully. One of the officers of the visiting JIT belongs to the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) which masterminds many such operations. In the past also, India has shared such details with Pakistan.

In the case of the Mumbai attack, clinching evidence was given but Islamabad preferred to pooh-pooh it for reasons well-known to one and all. The JIT visit was allowed to ensure that Pakistan did not have any reason to disbelieve India. Alas, it is also true that a person who is fast asleep can be woken up but not one who pretends to be asleep!

Unfortunately, Pakistan does not seem to have any desire to arrive at the truth about terrorist attacks. It is not ready to admit that it has used terror as part of its state policy. True, Pakistan itself has started suffering from lunatic elements encouraged in the past by the state. They are the ones who have been mindlessly killing ordinary people as in Lahore on Sunday.

The crowds who came out on the roads in support of the killer hanged for the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer shows the support terrorists enjoy. Instead of coming down heavily on them, Pakistan finds it easy to point the finger at India, as when it describes an Indian it has arrested as an intelligence operative.

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