Pak never ceases to fire, 831 violations in 3 years

Bharti Jasrotia

Having decided not to learn any lesson from past, Pakistan has violated ceasefire 831 times during the last three years.

According to a report of Union ministry of Home Affairs, a copy of which is with Newspoint Bureau, Pakistan violated the ceasefire 148 times during the year 2013 there  was no civilian causality on the borders during this year but two Border Security Force personnel  lost their lives to the unprovoked fire from the Pakistani side.

The year 2014 saw three times increase in the ceasefire violation along the International Border, twelve civilians lost their lives while two Border Security Force personnel were killed. This year could easily be described as the most volatile year on the borders. The year gone by that is 2015 did witness some easing of the hostilities but still the ceasefire violated more than 253 times along the International Border, eight civilians lost their lives while one Border Security force personnel also got martyred.

These ceasefire violations have resulted in huge loss of property, livestock and agricultural produce in the areas along International Border. There has been no let up in the ceasefire violation when Newspoint Bureau asked the defense expert about reasons for Pakistan’s violating ceasefire on the borders continuously he said that the violations have more to do with infiltration.

Pakistan army and ISI have created monsters that they find difficult to contain and control in their own country they have no option but to send them over to India. This indoctrinated youngsters are told if they go and fight in Kashmir and get killed, they would straightaway go to heaven,” said a defence expert. He added that Pakistan army needs to maintain offensive posturing to justify the huge spending on the defence in the county.

He further said that pakistan army has never been totally under control of government. “Pakistan army has its own agendas, plans and schemes going on all the time. Given number of military rulers Pakistan has seen, it’s just fair to assume that Pak government and Army don not trust each other,” added the expert. He added that if the general in command or even Chief decides to violate ceasefire, no one has the courage to stop him from doing that.

He further said that another reason for violating ceasefire is obsession with India which is the defining guideline for Pakistan Army. “Scathing losses in previous wars, failures of own governments and political instability adds to the insecurity of Army Generals and this can only be hidden from public eye by doing something dominating on border and hence lets fire some rounds,” the expert said.

He maintained that a country with exceptionally bad record in Industry, commerce, Human rights, IT needs to keep everyone, including Army engage while adding that this regular and limited violation of cease fire is nothing else than a subtle declaration that we are still alive and kicking. He said that politically, whenever there has been a peace talk, Pak Army comes back with another violation or in some cases, major assault like Kargil.

The expert said that Pak Army tries to derail peace process as much as possible given the fact that the moment there is peace between the two countries; Pak Army will find it really difficult to justify its existence and budgets. “The Cease fire violations don’t go unnoticed and always throw a spanner in the process and hence buying time and superiority to Pak Army again. They cannot afford to lose status quo and these firing incidents are a message to their political masters,” added the expert.

“They are managing Terrorist outfits and conducting training for them in various camps. Now, these ‘trained’ guys need to be given a work.  These ceasefire violations are actually intended at supporting infiltration attempts,” the expert said.

“Cease Fire violations are not for India. Even Pak Army knows that by these firing incidents they hardly make a scratch in Indian Army strength and morale. Moreover they also know that if India retaliates, they more often than not end up taking heavy losses too. These firing incidents by Pak Army are more for their own masters, government and supporters,” said a retired Army officer.

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