Pakistan has distinction of being ‘epicentre’ of terrorism: India at IPU

India continued to tear into Pakistan in the global arena as it branded the hostile nation as the “epicentre” of terrorism at the 135th assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union at Geneva, adding that people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) have become victims of sectarian conflict and terrorism due to Islamabad’s authoritarian and discriminatory policies.
Earlier this month, Pakistan reportedly handed over a dossier to the President of UN General Assembly concerning “human rights violations” in Kashmir.
Asserting that the human rights violations in entire Pakistan cry for the world’s attention, India called on Islamabad to focus its energies on “setting its own house in order” and acting against the perpetrators of terrorist attacks on its neighbours instead of ritually raking up alleged human rights violations elsewhere.
“Pakistan has raised the issue of UN Security Council resolutions. We would suggest Pakistan to first fulfill its primary obligation under the resolutions to vacate illegal occupation of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir,” read India’s statement.
India further called upon Pakistan to stop inciting and supporting violence and terrorism in any part of India and refrain from meddling in its internal affairs in any matter. This is the second attack by India against Pakistan internationally, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi had labelled the neighbour as the “mothership” of terrorism at the BRICS Summit in Goa earlier this month.
“In our own region, terrorism poses a grave threat to peace, security and
Tragically its mothership is a country in India’s neighbourhood. Terror modules around the world are linked to this mothership. This country shelters not just terrorists. It nurtures a mindset. A mindset that loudly proclaims that terrorism is justified for political gains. It is a mindset that we strongly condemn,” he said.

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