Pakistan to begin work on third unit of ‘Karachi Nuclear plant’ soon

Using a reactor developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), Pakistan is set to begin construction within weeks on the third unit at the Karachi nuclear power plant using a reactor developed by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), according to a spokesman for the company.
According to Dawn, a report published on the website of China Daily said the K3 plant would be built by using Hualong One, the CNNC’s third-generation nuclear reactor design.
CNNC spokesman Pan Jianming said it would be the second nuclear power project in Pakistan to be based on the Hualong One technology, after construction started at the K2 plant in August last year.
“Hualong One was developed based on very mature technologies and the project is going on very smoothly. It will help ease power shortages in the Karachi region after completion,” Pan told a forum in Fuqing, Fujian province, where the Hualong One pilot project is based.
The spokesman further said that an understanding had been reached with the Algerian energy authorities for the development of a nuclear research centre.

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