Pakistanis are a victim of Indian intel agencies’ subversive activities: FO

The spokesperson for the Foreign Office on Thursday slammed Indian intelligence agencies and blamed them for targeting Pakistanis with their destructive activities.
In a series of statements, the Foreign Office claimed that alleged RAW agent Kalbhushan Yadav and his network was involved in carrying out subversive activities in Pakistan.
“Kalbhushan and his network was involved in spreading terrorism and destabilizing activities in Karachi and Balochistan,” said the spokesperson. “Pakistani people are a victim of Indian intelligence agencies’ subversive activities,” he added.
The Foreign Office also slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent address by stating that it was an unsuccessful attempt to hide the Indian atrocities and acts of injustice in occupied Kashmir. Nafees Zakariya, the spokesperson for the Foreign Office, said that Pakistan was ready to provide medical aid to the injured in occupied Kashmir. He said that more than 150 Kashmiris’ eyesights have deteriorated in one or both eyes. “Pakistan has invited all finance ministers belonging to SAARC,” he said. “Among them is also the Indian finance minister,” he added.
The spokesperson for the Foreign Office said that Pakistan had time and again raised the issue of Kashmir at global forums. He added that the issue of Kashmir has been on the agenda of the United Nations since the past six decades. He also assailed the Indian Home Minister for his recent remarks.
“The statement of the Indian Home Minister is not only against the norms of diplomacy but also against the charter of SAARC,” he said. Zakariya also talked about the crisis being faced by oversees Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and said that the Minister for Oversees Pakistanis was in Saudi Arabia since August 15. He added that the minister had met with the Saudi Minister for Labour as well as with other members of the Saudi government to try to resolve the problem as soon as

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