Panthers alone can vulcanize dignity of Dogras: Harsh

Lambasting the BJP for its failures to protect and safeguard the interests of people of Jammu region during the last 15 months, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister today forcefully reiterated the resolve of the Panthers Party to ensure social, political and economic justice to the people of this deprived region.

He said that BJP which got overwhelming mandate from Jammu region on the slogan of demolishing the father-daughter Party (Baap-Beti Sarkar) and of giving a Jammu CM fell flat before the PDP immediately after winning 25 seats from Jammu region with its juggernaut still celebrating the Eleven Ministerial berths that it received from the PDP in return for having handed over the reins of govt. to Kashmir centric leadership. He was addressing huge public gatherings in Basantgarh, Dudu, Shivgali, Chattrai, Majouri, Kulwanta and Sunetar villages during his two day tour of Ramnagar constituency.

Addressing huge gatherings of public, Harsh Dev Singh said that JKNPP was the only regional party of Jammu region which had been fighting for the cause of the Dogras right from the time of its inception both inside and outside the legislature. He said that Delhi and Kashmir based parties were not the solution to the discrimination doled out to the people of the region and maintained that Panthers Party is well versed with the plight of the people which alone could salvage the bruised dignity of Dogras. Harsh said that since the BJP had miserably failed to live up to the people’s expectations by cowardly surrendering all the Jammu based issues before the Kashmir centric leaders for the lust of power, the people of Jammu region were fast reposing faith in the Panthers Party. while flaying the BJP’s policy of deceit, duplicity and betrayal Harsh Dev Singh cautioned the people not to get trapped again by the rhetoric and tall pronouncements of the Saffron party and exhorted them to support and strengthen their own Panthers Party which was alone had the capacity and audacity to raise the voice of the people of Jammu region besides confronting the Kashmir centric leadership. Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Mrs. Manju Singh, Mansa Ram Dhoi, Dev Singh, Badri Nath, Pawan Rasal, Om Parkash, Hans Raj, Duni Chand, Ashok Malkan, Mobin Banday, Kasturi Lal, Kirat Singh, Abdul Quam etc.

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