Par Panel expresses dissatisfaction over performance of Zoological Survey of India

New Delhi, January 1
A Parliamentary Panel has expressed its dissatisfaction over the performance of Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) in terms of both achievements of targets and utilisation of funds.
The Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests in its latest report has observed that ZSI was not able to achieve its targets in terms of field surveys, digitisation of National Zoological Specimen, documentation of species of identified animals and training programme.
The Panel said the national department could also spend only nearly 64 per cent of the plan allocation during 2015-16.The performance of ZSI in terms of both achievements of targets and utilisation of funds, therefore, is not satisfactory and accordingly, the Committee recommends that the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change must take urgent remedial measures to ensure that the performance of the department improves on both these fronts and the allocations made are not underutilised.
In its Action taken report, the Government has said the targets for field surveys were achieved during 2015-16.
As against annual target of 100 surveys, 120 faunistic surveys were conducted in different states. Regarding digitisation of National Zoological Specimens, the institution has already crossed the target of 10,000 specimens. The digitisation of 12912 specimens was completed in 2015-16.With regard to documentation of unidentified species, the Zoological Suvey of India had conducted 1552 specimens in 2015-16, the target for 2016-17 is 1500, of which 604 have already been documented.
Against the target of four training programme for the year 2015-16, five training programmes have been conducted by the training and extension division.
As regards expenditure, 96 per cent of the sanctioned amount, for the year (2015-16) was spent. Taking note of the reply of the Government, the Committee hoped that the performance of Zoological Survey of India would further improve in the future.

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