Paris attacks: Two Air France flights from US diverted after bomb threats

Two Air France flights that took off from the United States on Tuesday were later diverted after bomb threats.


One flight, from Washington DC to Paris, was diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia, while the other, from Los Angeles to the French capital, was diverted to Salt Lake City.


Both planes have landed and passengers disembarked.


France and Russia on Wednesday agreed to coordinate their military and security services in an unusual alliance against Islamic State militants in Syria on Wednesday after a devastating attack on Paris and the bombing of a Russian plane earlier.


Warplanes from both countries unleashed bombs on the IS stronghold of Raqa as Paris and Moscow vowed merciless retaliation for attacks that have galvanised international resolve to destroy the jihadists and end the nearly five-year Syrian war..


“It’s necessary to establish direct contact with the French and work with them as allies,” Russian President Vladimir Putin told his military top brass as France prepared to send its flagship aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean, where the Russian navy is deployed.


Hollande will hold talks on strengthening cooperation against IS with Putin in Moscow on November 26, two days after seeing US President Barack Obama in Washington.


Earlier, police in France racked up arrests and seized weapons as they scoured the country for clues after a wave of coordinated attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers on Friday night that left 129 dead and shook the country to its core.


Only 117 of the victims have been identified and 221 people are still in hospital.

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