Parliamentary committee on celebrities

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It seems that fortune of consumers of India till now grossly neglected rather badly victimised because of super-powerful corporate-lobby has suddenly started witnessing good days ahead when a Parliamentary committee has now recommended fixing responsibility on celebrities appearing in costly advertisements in case of misleading claims etc.

Earlier central government remained firm in 85-percent size of pictorial warning on cigarette-packs followed by making it compulsory to print essential information on forty-percent pack-size that too only on front and back of food-products. It is noteworthy that only recently perhaps for the first time Indian consumers took captain of Indian cricket-team for task when a builder could not provide satisfactory flats for which he appeared in advertisements.

It will be even more effective if India follows US practice of celebrities first requiring using the advertised products themselves in a regular manner for advertised products for which they may be appearing. If a declared capitalist economy of US can do so, there is no reason that ‘undeclared’ capitalist economy of India which also happens to be a strong consumer-base by virtue of being second most populated country of the world may not do so.

Consumer helpline under ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ should be made really effective by providing a time-bound solution so that consumers may not have to go through cumbersome channels of consumer forums or courts. Presently no progress-report is ever known on complaints lodged on consumer-helpline. Service-providers like including advocates should also be brought under purview of Consumer Protection Act.



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