Party exploiting people on agenda of good governance. G.A. Mir

Blaming the Govt for undermining the authority of democratic Institution in the State, Congress has accused PDP BJP Coalition for using these Institutions for personal benefit. The Party accused coalition Govt for exploiting people on good governance.

PDP has lost the people’s trust and has no answer to their queries because of it’s utter failure on all fronts, Party said. The complete sellout of the conscience by PDP for the sake of coming into power, has exposed it (PDP) before the people, this Party (PDP) has lost people’s trust. JKPCC Chief G.A. Mir has said this while addressing a public meeting at Sonsambil village of District Pulwama today.

Squarely blaming PDP for ensuring deferment of by-polls, PCC Chief said   that PDP know the ground political situation and see   it’s defeat in these elections and ahead.  He said PDP also know that it has betrayed the people for the sake of power and is not in a position to face the electorate, he said. The betrayal and poor performance by PDP has made its position worse than ever, fearing a defeat in the election, PDP has taken the plea of law and order situation prevailed in parts of north Kashmir sometime ago to delay the Election on this seat merely for political reasons, thereby depriving the people of their democratic rights,. Mir said.

Expressing surprise over the U-Turns by PDP on various occasions, particularly on Govt formation and Anantnag By-Polls, G.A. Mir said, on the one hand PDP feels and claims also that it has strong base in South, on the other hand, it (PDP) ensured the deferment of Polls, which has put a big question mark on the performance and dubious role being played by PDP, the fact remains, that PDP cannot face the voters, because of its utter failure on every front.


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