Party-ready updos for every face

Feb 23:To decide which is the most suitable bun for a person’s face, one must work on volumes to highlight different parts of the face —  tune into a broad jawline , reduce a prominent forehead, soften the features, etc.

Bun for Long face:
For this kind of face one must avoid the height as that will lengthen the face even more. Therefore prefer flat volumes on the top, blur bun, romantic, or hair partially detached as a rebel . One can also opt for a flexible attachment but strictly avoid pulled buns, which will tend to bring out the length of your face.

Bun for Oval face:
Oval faces are the lucky ones. While the buns are good, because no part of the face predominates. It is indeed the ideal face shape for buns! My advice is to follow its morphology and style. For accessories: Go for headband, ribbons, flowers, etc. Everything is allowed but remember, over accessorising is never a good idea!

Bun for Triangular — face pointing upwards:
In these faces  the chin is dominant so the important thing is to bring out the volume at the lower half. Normally one would opt for a romantic bun ball.

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