Passenger Transporters demands relief package

Passenger Transporters of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday urged the government of Jammu and Kashmir to release relief package for their survival.
“However, due to five month lockdown the transporters who are running passenger’s bus were facing financial crisis and the government has not provide any financial assistance to us, said Mini Union President Vijay Chib while talking to JK Newspoint.
He further told, “One side the government is forcing us to submit tax and another side we are not even avail to earn our daily met. He demanded that the government should consider our genuine demands and release a financial package in their favour.

Farmers of R.S Pura demands holds protest, demand relief package
Jammu: Farmers of R.S Pura on Thursday held a protest demonstration against the government for not release compensate of paddy which was earlier destroyed owing to heavy rains.
While talking to JK Newspoint, the protestors farmers told that earlier concerned department has fixed 675 per kanal for the crops which was destroyed during hails storm but it was released only to some farmers of R.S Pura and mostly deprived from this benefits.
They told that after Corona pandemic the Agriculture department and Revenue department has stopped the processing of relief package and despite request nothing has been done so far. They demanded that the government should start distribution process of relief package so that they will fulfill losses.