Pathankot terror attack: Footprints of terrorists found at Indo-Pak border

In a new twist to the Pathankot terror attack, footprints that could be of terrorists, have been found in Bamiyal​ village at Indo-Pak border.

The footprints of heavy boots left on soft ground belong to two people and were discovered on January 1 by Jaspal Singh, a farmer in the border village, as  reports.

Interestingly, the people to whom the footprints belong were wearing Epcot shoe brand which is a Pakistani company.

Reports also said that BSF, Punjab Police, forensic experts and other agencies visited the place on Tuesday to investigate the matter.

The moulds of footprint have been taken and will be matched with boots and shoes shoes of terrorists.

Meanwhile, seeking to unravel how the brazen Pathankot attack was mounted, the NIA today quizzed an SP rank officer who was allegedly abducted by the
terrorists, recreated the scene of his abduction and visited the border village from where the perpetrators were believed to have sneaked into India.

On the other hand, security officials said today that the combing operations may continue for a day or two at the forward base where seven security personnel and six terrorists were killed.

Yesterday, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had said that the terrorists were carrying AK47s, modified Under Grenade Barrel Launcher, pistols, Swiss and
commando knives, 40-50 kg of bullets besides 3-4 dozens of magazine and mortars.

And NIA’s chief Sharad Kumar on being asked about the nationality of the terrorists involved in Pathankot attack had said there was little doubt that
the accused were from Pakistan. However he had refrained from naming the terror group responsible for the attack.

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