Patients suffers due to snowfall

With the heavy snowfall in the state especially in hilly regions, authorities failed to clear snow from the vital points and put the lives of locals at risk. However, the tall claims of government falls flat, as the roads have not been cleared yet in rural areas due to which emergency services have been hit as vehicles are unable to move because of slippery roads. This is not the first when authorities failed to clear those vital routes which can be used by locals for reaching hospitals and etc. As yesterday in a case wherein locals of the area taken an expecting woman on a stretcher for around seven kilometers to reach the hospital in Rafiabad area of Baramulla district. Who will responsible for this? There are scores of villages which are still cut off from rest of the world, roads are blocked, there is no electricity, water scarcity and other problems, but nobody is listening.
However, the needed snow has brought cheers on the faces of general public but the same natural thing has become an obstacle for rural masses that were cut off from rest of the district headquarters.
Though major roads including national highways were cleared, but the government has failed to clear the snow on link roads which leads to rural areas, thus hampering the vehicular movement and emergency services. Authorities should act swiftly and put more man power to clear the roads so that the common public would not suffer any more.
As the ground situation is altogether different, as there is no proper road connectivity, and now snow has blocked these link roads including Dazna to Dangiwacha and its adjoining areas. Due to slippery road, the vehicle service has been stopped and even private vehicle don’t ply on these roads. The sick persons whether they are children, women and elderly persons suffered most, they could not reach the hospital due to the absence of vehicles due to heavy snow fall. In this case, authorities should deploy team of doctors with proper equipments in mobile vans and install at some vital points where one can easily reach the spot for medical checkup and if doctors find any emergency then the patient would be airlift from one area to another for better treatment. This would save the precious lives of humans.
Authorities should also take the day to day feed back from Meteorological Department and be prepared to meet the challenges, be it a natural calamity or any other disastrous situation.

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