PAWS stage protest against lackadaisical attitude of administration

Keeping in view the lackadaisical attitude of the administration and political leaders towards different hardships of the public, People Action cum Welfare Society (PAWS) staged protest demonstration outside mini secretariat, on Saturday.

More than three dozen members of PAWS today assembled for monthly meeting organized in the leadership of Gian Singh Pathania, President of the organization, in which people expressed their concern over different public issues. Following which the organization members staged protest.

Gian Singh Pathania recalling the administration and government a total failure said that is seems as if the public is closed book for them. Giving reference of the issues discussed in the meeting he said that people are not getting widow and other pensions, which the Social Department issues through banks. He further added that inadequate supply of ration, damaged roads, lack of facilities in hospitals, poor water supply, unscheduled Power cuts and other deficiencies had make the life of people as hell.

Miffed over the government and administration of blowing your own horn, he said that on one side the Government is boasting of providing sufficient basic facilities ration to everyone. On the other hand, the fact is that the pitiable people are struggling to get the facilities.

The other speakers alleging the political leaders said that now a day the leaders of dissimilar parties are roaming around to churn out votes for Municipal elections. Everybody is boasting of providing the basic amenities and fulfilling the demands. However, everyone knows that sooner the elections are over they, would be seen no more.

Baldev Singh, Muni Lal Gupta, Balwan Singh, Jaat Ram Sharma, Balbir Singh, Rattan Verma and many other members were part of protesters.

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