Payments drawn under “maintenance” head even for non existing works: Harsh

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Jammu Tawi, January 1

Beating all records of corruption, the Rural Development Department in Ramnagar constituency has created history of sorts by releasing payments in respect of maintenance of works even the original construction of which has not been approved by the competent authority till date, said  Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He regretted that with the culture of patronized corruption having crossed all limits, the complaints of general masses are being thrown into the dustin. He said that funds amounting to crores have been siphoned off by the corrupt politician-Deptt. nexus under MG-NREGA, SDRF and 14th Finance Commission with none to take cognizance. He said that the officials openly claimed that they were immune from action in view of political patronage enjoyed by them. With the corruption having fully engulfed the system, the people had lost faith in the present dispensation and were planning a mass movement which would be given full support by the JKNPP, stated  Singh who was interacting with a delegation of Ex-Sarpanches and Panches of Ramnagar constituency.

Pointing towards the glaring instances of mal practices, Singh said that 18 tractor roads were repaired in Ramnagar constituency recently under SDRF and interestingly the payment drawn for repairs of said  tractor roads was more them the cost of their original construction in each such case. He said that there were several other instances brought to the notice of the concerned authorities where fake and fictitious bills had been prepared and public money plundered by vested interests and politicians in collusion with corrupt officials of the Rural Development Deptt. Besides several officials had categorically told the Gram Sabhas that work orders would be issued only to those who owed allegiance to a particular political party, he lamented. He regretted that such corrupt officials were not only watching the political but also the pecuniary interests of corrupt politicians in Ramnagar.   Seeking the indulgence of the Governor Chief Minister and Minister Rural Development, Singh sought the nailing of the corrupt before they put the entire Deptt. to sale.

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