PCC ground workers have more knowledge than DyCM: Mir

Pardeep Singh Bali

Taking dig at the BJP senior leader Nirmal Singh, Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) chief GA Mir today claimed that the ‘ground workers of Congress have more knowledge about government schemes than the present Deputy Chief Minister of the state.
While addressing party workers during meeting of minority cell, PCC chief said that the post does not matter.
“I am making it clear to you all that post of a person in politics does not matter. I am sure that our ground workers would have more knowledge than the present deputy chief minister,” he said and added that the role of the ground workers is to reach every household to tell them about these government schemes.
Coming heavily on the BJP leadership, PCC chief said that all the elected candidates of the BJP have won because of certain wave, ‘they have no knowledge about the governance’. “Party workers of congress are experienced, knowledgeable and people friendly, which BJP leadership lacks,” Mir said, adding the future of Jammu and Kashmir in particular and of Indian in general lies with Congress. “Congress party is the oldest party of the country. The base of Indian nation is the Congress party and the future of this nation also lies with the Congress, as it is the only secular party of the country,” Mir said and added Congress never discriminated on the basis of region, religion and caste.
The PCC chief was flanked by score of Congress leaders from minority community, including Jahangir Hussain Mir.
During the course of the programme, PCC chief also apprised party workers about various government schemes and encouraged them to reach out to the common people of the state and inform them about their rights.
“No leader has been produced from cozy rooms. One has to taste the dust of ground by reaching out to the people, so that he is not a party leader but a leader of people,” Mir said.
When asked about no representation of minorities in JK Assembly and Council, Mir said, it was in past that minorities, especially Sikhs, had been deprived of representation, ‘But from now every hardworking and people friendly person must be given representation’.

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