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Farooq Abdullah and NC has a lot to answer for,  Chidambaram owes an apology to people of J&K”

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Srinagar, April 30
Declaring Agenda of Alliance (AoA) as pivotal and a broadly accepted document that incorporates solutions to all the issues plaguing our state, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beigh today said that forward momentum on Agenda of Alliance will go a long way in mitigating the situation that the polity of this state finds itself in today.
Agenda of Alliance,Beigh said, was painstakingly arrived after taking into account the concerns of all stakeholders and that the document in itself was a revolutionary step because it was for the first time that the terms of alliance where made public unlike our opposition who traded the special interests of our state for the sake of power.
“Our endeavour is to see that AoA is implemented in letter & spirit in our tenure, as it is an intensely thought over document for the over all socio-economic development as well as the resolution of all the impending issues and has both internal and external issues taken care of,” Beigh added.
Castigating Farooq Abdullah for betraying the trust of people time and again,Beigh said that Farooq Abdullah had got a massive mandate in 1996 and therefore was in a position to leverage and bargain better for the interests of the state but unfortunately he chose not to because his sole aim all along has been to enjoy the perks of power.
“If we are to look at a point that triggered the massive upheaval that engulfed our state one can’t ignore 1987 and the rigging that was over seen by Farooq Abdullah to get himself democratically elected. When the power to voice their concerns through ballot was taken away, some resorted to bullets just to be heard,” Beigh said
Expressing his surmise as to what Chidambaram has to say today, Beigh said, “I think he owes an apology to people of this state given that he seems to know what needed to be done, but didn’t do while he was in power and his party was at the helm,”.
“Kashmir won’t forget how Afzal guru was picked from number 28 and executed only in hope of their petty political interests getting served,” Beigh further added.
Questioning the political acumen of Farooq Abdullah, Beigh said he comes across as an utterly confused sole from utterances of offering to follow Hurriyat leadership, to pushing youngsters to into the abyss of death and violence, prodding youngsters against the country and then ultimately seeking votes to be a Member of Parliament of the same country.
“Post his pro Hurriyat statements, one could contemplate that Farooq Abdullah would formally join Hurriyat but instead, after having befooled the people, is headed for the Parliament in New Delhi,” Beigh

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