PDP-BJP alliance furthering a divisive agenda in J&K: Omar

National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said the PDP-BJP Alliance was furthering a dangerous and divisive political agenda in J&K that could have far-reaching consequences for the State and its people.

Addressing a massive delegates’ session convened at National Conference Headquarters at Srinagar on Wednesday, the NC Working President lashed out at the State Government for absolving itself of all its basic duties and focusing solely on helping an unpopular Chief Minister in the Anantnag by-election. Omar Abdullah also highlighted how PDP had ended up breaking every single pre-election promise that the party used to garner votes and said PDP’s recurring U-turns had created a sense of disillusionment and anxiety in the State.

“This alliance has left no stone unturned to drive a wedge between the Muslims and Hindus in the State and the State Government is watching as a mute spectator as Muslims in Jammu are being harassed by those who are inimical to the State’s inclusive and secular fabric. PDP’s ‘coalition compulsions’ have disempowered the State and its people. As the principal opposition party, National Conference has time and again appealed for amity and brotherhood in the State while the State Government has watched silently as communities are pitted against each other for vested interests. It’s evident that the State Government has a deep-rooted agenda to divide the State and sow seeds of animosity among its various communities and regions. National Conference will never allow this to happen”, Omar Abdullah added while addressing party delegates in Srinagar.

The NC Working President lashed out at the State Government for its failure to dispense its basic duties and for making the people of the State to suffer because of its sheer indifference and incompetence. “Our ration depots are running empty, there is no drinking water in numerous areas during the holy month of Ramazan and people are being made to run from pillar to post for their basic needs. The entire focus of the State Administration is on somehow helping an unpopular Chief Minister in her by-election from Anantnag. Tons of sugar meant for the entire Valley was diverted to Anantnag while there is scarcity of sugar in the remaining areas. Sadly the people of Anantnag know that the Chief Minister’s newfound benevolence will end with the completion of the election in Anantnag and that they too, like the rest of the State, will be left to the mercy of God”, Omar Abdullah added.

“There isn’t a single pre-election promise that PDP and Mehbooba Mufti haven’t ended up breaking. What happened to the return of power projects? To the revocation of AFSPA? And to the much hyped ‘battle of ideas’? Today the same Mehbooba Mufti who promised a ‘battle of ideas’ with the separatists is digging up 29 year old cases to send them to jail”, the NC Working President said.

The NC Working President said it was still a mysterious secret as to what assurances had convinced a reluctant Mehbooba Mufti to become the Chief Minister of the State in an alliance with BJP. “There was a lot of bluster and bravado about Mehbooba Mufti not taking over as the Chief Minister unless and until her demands were met by the Prime Minister and the Central Government. In the end, after two months of theatrics Mehbooba Mufti took over as the Chief Minister without a single assurance and a single Confidence Building Measure announced by New Delhi. Today the same PDP that promised AFSPA revocation and a ‘battle of ideas’ in the State is at the helm of a repressive, corrupt and ineffective regime”, Omar Abdullah added.


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