‘PDP-BJP coalition government turns whole state into major jail’

While strongly condemning the restrictions over the participation of Mirwaiz Molvi Umar Farooq in the Seerat Conference and placing him under house arrest,

Hurriyat (G) said that the PDP-BJP coalition government has turned the whole state into a major jail.

While terming the restrictions over the funeral prayers and the Seerat Conference as the worst kind of state terrorism and direct interference into the religious affairs, the Hurriyat (G) said that this situation is intolerable for every human being and he will never remain silent over the religious issues.

In a statement issued, Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that this time the state of Jammu & Kashmir is directly ruled by the RSS and even the orders for small administrative issues come from Nagpur. The citizen rights of the people are already snatched and the political activities are banned in this region of the world, now the Sang Parivar have started a new campaign against the religious matters of the Muslims of the state and are openly doing this.

Spokesman said that the banning of funeral prayers and Seerat Conferences is an alarm for the upcoming grave situation in the future and it has given birth to the apprehensions that a well planned program has been formulated to saffronize this Muslim majority state. The most sorrowful thing is that the state administration and the state police are providing every possible help in the implementation of this plan and in the race of becoming more loyal than the king, they are completely ignoring the consequences of these policies.

Hurriyat spokesman criticized the PDP president Mehbooba Mufti that for the greed of power and chair, she is surrendering over every issue before the BJP and she stands two steps ahead of his late father in this regard. The Handwara massacre, the banning of funeral prayers and the Seerat Conference is although a clear proof of the height of oppression and the atrocities the people of Jammu & Kashmir are facing but the Mehbooba Mufti maintains such a silence as if nothing is happening and everything is normal.

While criticizing the role of the state police, the Hurriyat spokesman said that this institution too doesn’t think over the consequences of the snatching of the citizen rights and the religious freedom from the common people and this institution has started a limited war against its own people.

Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that these state terrorism policies had failed in suppressing the freedom sentiments of the Kashmiri people in the past too and these policies will achieve nothing in the future also. But this will definitely increase in the political uncertainty and instability in the Jammu & Kashmir and the situation will get worsen day by day.

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