PDP-BJP Govt’s aim is to remain glued to power, Mehbooba responsible for atrocities on Gujjars: NC

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Jammu Tawi, April 25
Slamming PDP-BJP Government for their objective of remaining glued to power, National Conference today held Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti responsible for alleged atrocities of gujjar community.
“Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is responsible for persecution and growing incidents of violence against Gujjars and Bakerwals and being in-charge of the home ministry she has failed in enforcing rule of law and reining in the coalition partner BJP, which has let lose its various wings to unleash scare among minorities,” Mian Altaf, former minister and a Gujjar leader here told reporters.
He said, “the organized attack on a hapless nomad family in Reasi should not be viewed in isolation, as it is part of an orchestrated campaign against the Gujjars which is manifested in uprooting them from the lands they have been inhabiting since decades,” he asserted.
Hitting out at the PDP, Altaf expressed that the party which came to power on the plank of scrapping Task Force and ending atrocities of the police and security forces became perpetrators itself, which is evident by the prevailing grim scenario across the state, especially in the Valley.
“PDP and BJP were superintending terror against their own people to satiate the agenda of New Delhi. The present coalition is deliberately disturbing the situation so that the people are subjected to harassment and humiliation,” he maintained.
“The primary objective of the PDP-BJP is to remain glued to power, whatever the costs,” said the former minister.
He described the Reasi incident as most barbaric wherein a 70-year old Gujjar was allegedly subjected to torture by an unruly mob inside the police station.
“Instead of acting against the perpetrators of violence, the police remained mute spectators which encouraged hooligans to pounce upon the elderly person like vultures,” he claimed.
“However, this time around, the RSS hooligans used the migration of live stock to the larger agenda of inciting passions”, he added.
The former minister decried the muteness of police and questioned the rationale behind lodging FIR against the Gujjar family.
A young child is missing and the other members of the family including women got severe thrashing. He said the hooligans, which were the members of various wings of the BJP, got away with cattle and creating havoc on the family.
He said movement of Gujjars towards high pastures and Behaks is a common phenomenon in Jammu and Kashmir, which dates back to the times of the Maharaja.
Mian Altaf said the BJP is hugely using the PDP to extend its agenda in Jammu and Kashmir, which is manifesting in atrocities on the people.
He referred to most scary situation in the Valley and said now students were being targeted brutally. “The atrocities on the innocent people are unprecedented”, he added.
Replying to the question of reporters, former Deputy Chairman and MLA Mendhar Javed Rana described the PDP as an offshoot of the RSS that had been created years ago to do what they are doing currently in Kashmir and Jammu. He said the PDP has become a willing facilitator to target a section of society to satiate the overall agenda of the RSS.
Javed Rana expressed anguish over the Reasi incident and said this is part of targeting the minorities, who are already at the receiving end by way of being uprooted from their dwelling places. He said the BJP is dividing the people and trampling the glorious ethos of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh unity.
Javed Rana also condemned the brutal use of force on innocent students in the Kashmir Valley and cautioned that this will further alienate the people from mainstream.
“If the coalition continues with its anti-people agenda, the consequences will be disastrous”, he added.
Provincial President Devender Singh Rana said National Conference will continue to espouse the cause of the people living in three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
He said the party stands for strengthening the bonds of amity between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists. “NC is committed to fight divisive forces”, Rana added.

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