PDP-BJP holding people to ransom by denying basics: NC

Former minister and Senior Vice President National Conference Surjeet Singh Slathia on Wednesday warned PDP-BJP coalition against deliberately denying basics like power and drinking water to the people, especially during these days of scorching summer, terming this as a worse example of callousness.

“Pesky power outage and acute drinking water shortage is unprecedented, which speaks of callousness of the government towards residents, who seem to have been held to ransom by the insensitive, irresponsible and anti-people government”, Slathia said while addressing a huge gathering at Barjani in Bari-Brahmna this morning.

Former minister said the scenario in the rural areas is quite appalling. “Apart from power and drinking water shortage, scarcity of foodgrains at CAPD outlets has added to the miseries of poor people”, he said and asked the government to mend its ways and come to brass tracks of governance. He blamed the coalition of misusing peoples’ mandate by exposing them to innumerable hardships and miseries.

“Instead of responding to grim situation, arising in the wake of ill-conceived policies of the coalition, and solving the problems of the people, the government is trying to muzzle and gage the voice of the opposition and the media by levelling false accusations”, Slathia said, adding that the PDP and BJP stands exposed for its failure in governing the state.

He described the coalition as a hotchpotch combination of divergent forces who are struggling to have convergence for remaining glued to power despite their inherent contradictions. “This arrangement might be satiating their vested interest but its continuation is detrimental to the larger political and developmental interests of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh”, he maintained.

The Sr Vice President expressed dismay over prevailing administrative inertia due to lack of political direction and said several power centres have emerged within the coalition partners who are working at cross purposes with singular agenda of strengthening their respective constituencies at the cost of unity of the state and overall interests of the people. This is a compelling factor for administrative failure that has led to chaotic situation on every front.  “The people can’t carry on the baggage of political parasites who have taken centre-stage and are misruling the state”, he said and warned of massive outburst if the PDP-BJP dispensation in addressing the most pressing problems of the people.

About shortage of foodgrains and other essentials, Salathia said the wrong implementation of National Food Security Act has played havoc with the interests of rationed population. “Not only have they been denied much needed food support due to reduction in scale but a huge chunk of population stands denied of rations by this anti-poor measure,” he said adding that despite committing to review the new mechanism, the government is clueless how to tackle the unrest among rationees.

Salathia also expressed concern over fast deteriorating law and order and security situation in the Valley, saying this can adversely impact the ongoing tourism season, which has direct bearing on all the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. “The state being a major destination of adventure, leisure and pilgrim tourism, every effort is needed to be taken to maintain order, which is imperative for creating conducive atmosphere for tourist influx”, he said. Responding to local issues, the former minister said these will be taken up at appropriate forums for earnest redressal.


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