PDP BJP responsible for deteriorating situation : G.A.Mir

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Srinagar, April 24
Stating that Congress Party will continue to fight against communal and fascist forces vitiating environment of peace and tranquility, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee(JKPCC) President G.A. Mir has said that it is the Congress Party alone which has maintained Secular fabric of the country and any change in this creates fear in the minds of people especially among the minorities, who are being targeted on religious lines.
Congress Party will continue to safeguard the secular fabric and unity in the country”, he said. G.A. Mir was addressing a day long political convention of Congress Party worker’s in Uri today. Lashing out at ruling dispensation for failing to address the concerns of the people in all the three regions, Mir said the Ruling Dispensation led by Mehbooba Mufti have brought miseries to the people, as the anti-people policies adopted by this Govt after taking reins of power is the cause behind deteriorating situation in the valley, besides that the people due to the fear are feeling insecure even in their homes.
Terming PDP as responsible for the mass discontent and deep hurt feeling among the people, Mir said despite the losses caused to both life and property, the ruling dispensation under Mehbooba Mufti has even have failed to sojourn it’s Minister from issuing annoying Statement on Kashmir Situation, resulting in more alienation in Kashmir Valley.
“It is amazing to notice that inspite of doing or saying something positive which could cool down the tempers in valley, the BJP Ministers and leaders are busy in fanning the fire to satisfy their masters at Nagpur indicating BJP’s Kashmir Policy, which is being strengthened by PDP in the State”, he said. He added that People were feeling that Mehbooba is sharing power with cow vigilantes targeting people on cow protection in the country, as the member are of minority community are being harassed and terrorized on so called cow protection, but the silence maintained by the Centre Govt on this issue has worked as an encourage to these cow vigilantes. “Everyone is surprised about what is happening in the Country under the BJP Rule, it seems evident that BJP and RSS are isolating the minorities inorder to create an environment of fear in the country to serve their vested interests, but at the same time, he felt confident that people of India being Secular will defeat the nefarious designs of BJP RSS, as they have already rejected their fascist and communal agenda”, he said. . Addressing the convention Former Minister Taj Mohi U Din said Congress being a constructive opposition will continue to highlight the failures of the Govt and is committed to safeguard the interests of the people.
It will not allow the Govt to play with emotions of the people on sensitive and developmental issues. He asked PDP how long it will mislead the people on AoA. I suggest both PDP BJP to open their eyes and observe what the people think about them, as they have lost trust and have no expectation from both PDP or BJP.Mentioning that Mehbooba Mufti has lost moral right to remain in power, MLC G. N. Monga & MLA Haji Ab. Rashid Dar said PDP is responsible for the losses caused to both life and property in the valley, they blamed PDP for failing to ensure safety of the people, rather this party is adopting repressive measures to silence the voices being raised against the misrule and mismanagement on the part of ruling dispensation.
They termed the Video Conference meeting by ECI as surprise move saying that ECI cancelled it’s scheduled meeting in SKICC Srinagar today for unknown reasons asking Parties to join the meeting through Video Conference from PCR, which is very unfortunate, so Congress Party while rejecting this video conferencing decided not to participate in this this meeting and urged upon ECI to restore the credibility of this Institution.
They said Congress has decided not to talk to Election Commission of India any more, as this prestigious Institutions is being controlled by the Govt. On this occasion, Senior Leader of PDP along with associated joined Congress Party, they included Syd Najeeb Naqvi, Dr. Shabir Ahmad, Mohd Sadiq Mir and others.

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