PDP- BJP tenure proved big failure: Sham Lal

Feb 16: Former minister and senior PCC leader Sham Lal Sharma has said that ten months’ tenure of  BJP-PDP has proved as big failure in the J&K State.
Addressing Block Congress Committee members at Chowki Chora today Sham Sharma blamed previous BJP- PDP Govt for its  utter failure on all fronts and misleading Jammu people with loud  and false promises.
He said that BJP- PDP Government has failed in addressing the real issues of public interest like ration, power and proper connectivity of  roads across the State. Expressing serious concern over scarcity of ration, precarious power situation and bad connectivity of  roads across the State, Mr Sharma said that the shortage of ration in Jammu region speaks about the insensitivity  and callousness of the previous Govt.
The unscheduled power cuts in areas both metered & unmetered are a cause of major concern. No development work has been undertaken to improve the poor conditions of road connectivity within the State which in turn is a barrier to economic development.
As there is no popular Government in the State Mr Sharma said that there is  immediate need for effective measures to bridge the gap between availability and consumption of ration.
He said development has come to a standstill and economy is in shambles, the internal security is under threat. The hopes and aspirations of the people have been shattered as no Govt is in the State. The tenure of  previous PDP BJP Govt has been full of doubts, tall promises falling flat, loud rhetoric and confusions. He said that people are absolutely disillusioned by the failure of  this Govt. People had lot of expectations as there was “Modi Sarkar” in the Center but look how people continue to suffer, not a single penny has been sanctioned for Jammu flood victims (2014).
Sharma said since the beginning of this Govt when the CMP was released, the BJP has surrendered all the interests of Jammu region.”Be it the issue of West Pakistan refugees, Common Civil Code, or  Art 370, the BJP which got all seats from Jammu region, surrendered everything.
Ram Swaroop, convenor  Paramand Puri and several Sarpanches also spoke on the occasion.

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