PDP condemn communalizing of Dr. Alama Iqbal poster news

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth President  District Kishtwar Wasil Doolwal strongly condemn the act of Principal HSS Boys Kishtwar wherein she in a message circulated on social media links the surfacing of a distorted poster of Dr. Sir Alama Iqbal (RA) wherein Dr. Alama Iqbal has been referred as Iqbal Singh, beside quoting his wrong couplets written by the revolutionary poet linking to an attempt to flare communal passions.    He said that instead of accepting the mistake and correcting it after it surfaced in social media and in newspapers, linking the controversy through the prism of communalism and politics that too from a person holding responsible post in education setup will gives a wrong message in the society which is highly condemnable act.   He said that the prime duty of the responsible teacher is to impart better quality education with an aim to bring revolutionary changes within the society rather then making an attempt to divide it on communal and ethical lines.    He said that District administration should conduct the probe to find that how such mistake took place where a reputed poet of international fame has been referred as “Iqbal Singh” so that such mistakes could be prevented in future to avoid controversies.

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