PDP exhorts to gear up for fulfillment of Development and Economic revival

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has exhorted upon the government to further gear-up the administration to reach out to masses and carry out the commitments on development and economic revival. PDP General Secretary Nizamudin Bhat said that without a responsive, vibrant and accountable executive network no government can achieve desired results.

Bhat said it is in this spirit that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti soon after her takeover has taken all possible measures to get best out of state man power. “ We appreciate and acknowledge that available potential of our administration with a sincere and selfless direction from leadership, will surely bring a change” Bhat added. He said Mehbooba’s sincere initiatives to improve governance in the state have raised  a hope among people and rightly so, she is dedicated to public cause and will ensure that people of the state become the rightful stake holders of developmental activities, welfare- measures, economic development , cultural revival and political stability. Bhat said PDP has a firm belief that people of the state are aware of how a cooperative mindset and fair politics will take the state out of ills of exploitation, deceit and double standards.

Bhat said that political adversaries like congress and NC are in a habit of rhetoric to blur the realities and they use all their vengeance to spoil the good work being done by the government. He said people of the state see through their designs and that is why they have seen constant decline in public acceptability and social approval. Bhat said history is replete with misdeeds of NC- Congress misrule and their anti-people political nexus. He said PDP government will scuttle mischief through public support earned through the people friendly politics and governance. He hoped that NC-Congress will learn lessons from past to get into a responsible activity as opposition instead of activities smacking communal and divisive designs.

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