PDP MP, Baig claims Hurriyat has lost control over restive youth

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Jammu Tawi, April 25
Senior PDP leader and member Parliament, MuzaffarHussain Baig, has written off the Hurriyat leaders saying that since the have lost control of the youth. Hurriyat leaders cannot be held responsible for the ongoing turmoil. He has said that the Hurriyat leaders do not want destruction of Kashmir but after having lost control on the youth these separatists can not dictate terms to the student community which keeps on clashing with the security forces.
Baig has been candid when he coess admitting that PDP’s image has been hit in Kashmir, because of the ongoing turmoil. Senior Muzaffar Hussain Baig has said Hurriyat leaders do not want destruction and they are not in control of youth. “Since 1990s, youth has seen violence and killings. What are we doing for these youth? We don’t have infrastructure and opportunities for them. We need to create employment for them, start development, business and other activities in Kashmir,” Baig said.
He said the Government of India (GoI) is ready for talks but Hurriyat is not ready because Pakistan does not permit them.”Hurriyat leaders will not talk without consent of Pakistan. They will enter into dialogue with India on directions of Pakistan. Unless Pakistan gets ready for talks with India, Hurriyat will not participate in dialogue with GoI,” Baig said.
The PDP leader said due to deteriorating situation, no development activity is being carried out in Kashmir, which has an impact on the PDP’s strength in the valley “PDP’s image in Kashmir is being hit as no development activities are taking place. The BJP is on ground in Jammu as the development activities are going on in the region,” he said.
On the prevailing situation in Kashmir, where students have protested in educational institutions, Baig said, “Unless we resolve the issues of Kashmiri people and youth in particular, situation in Kashmir will not improve.
In fact Baig wants the problem of unemployment to be resolved so that the restive youth get gainful employment leaving no scope for them to indulge in incidents of violence.
The PDP leader want s invest ment I n the sector of Industries to increase which could ;provide jobs to the people. He is in favour of reservation for the youth in Jammu and Kashmir in Armed forces and paramilitary forces which too could lead to the resolution of unemployment problem.
Well the Government of India, particularly Pri me Minister,Modi, and the Home Minister,Rajnath Singh have made it clear to Mehbooba Mufti that India was willing to reopen channels of dialogue with separatists and Pakistan provided conducive atmosphere was created for talks.

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