The refusal of separatists in Kashmir to meet members of the All Party Delegation has derailed the talks, but not for long. With the end of the two-day visit of the all party delegation to Jammu & Kashmir, it is clear that peace can be achieved through dialogue and people-to-people contact. Even after receiving a formal invitation from Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, the separatists declined the proposal, which shows their interest in prolonging the crisis in the State. Their unwillingness to share their thoughts with senior leaders like Sharad Yadav, Sitaram Yechury, D Raja, JP Yadav and Asaduddin Owaisi goes against Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat and Insaniyat.
They should have responded to the august members of the parliamentary panel, keeping aside their personal agenda. Indeed, the separatist leaders have failed to represent the wishes and demands of the common people in front of the all-party delegation whom they fight for and obviously claim to represent. The people of Jammu & Kashmir should not assume that these leaders are in favour of any settlement of the current conflict wherein the State is losing and it is left behind the national development index.
Though the separatist leaders call the latest peace initiative by the Narendra Modi Government as ‘drama of dialogue’, yet the process was successful in engaging more than 30 groups of people belonging to different political parties and civil society organisations. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who led the delegation was rightly saying that the country’s biggest Panchayat, that is Parliament, is serious about bringing back normalcy to the crisis-ridden State. And the visit of the parliamentary team, talking to different shades of people, symbolises how the Government is interested in putting an end to the violence propelled by the anti-national elements through the youth of the State.
Why are the separatist leaders not interested in talking peace? Who is there behind them? Will the people of the State, particularly the youth, will give peace a chance? It is for sure that unless and until, the terror factory in Pakistan is closed, the separatist leaders and their proxies will continue to unleash their nefarious agenda. If they are genuinely interested in peace and talks, they are not barred by anyone and they should pacify their cadres against all kinds of violent activities.
Just fighting a war against the mighty Indian State will neither help them nor the people of Jammu & Kashmir. They must try heralding peace to millions of innocent civilians who are constantly longing for a life full of hope. The youth must understand that violence can’t solve their grievances and should not give the Islamists any opportunities to use them as shields.
A conducive atmosphere will allow the Government to rectify the mistakes committed by the past governments and initiate the much awaited developmental projects for the people of Jammu & Kashmir, which in turn will drive away the frustration and gloom prevalent among the young.
The violence and the narratives employed for questioning and fighting for the status of Jammu & Kashmir is meaningless. It will be a wastage of time, energy and loss of our precious human resources. Terror and incitement that comes from the Pakistan to continue the war against India will meet no ends. India will stand firm. The people of Jammu & Kashmir must come to terms with peace, and say no to violence perpetrated by Islamists. They must ask their leaders to positively respond to the all party delegation.

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