Peace only alternative

Following the death of HM commander-Burhan Wani, the Kashmir Valley is witnessing another spell of bloodshed. The youth of Kashmir expressing dissent over the death of militant attack security forces and in retaliation, many gets injured and more than dozens died, but a million dollar question arises who is benefited from all this.
The youth of Kashmir has to understand that state is very powerful and showing resentment for the death of militant cannot be tolerated. The security forces, although is maintaining maximum restraint, but when it comes to defense, in retaliation to stone
pelting and mob attacks, air firing is evident.
At this juncture all the stake holders of the state, including separatist groups and mainstream parties must come forward and request the dissented youth to restraint coming on streets and confronting security forces.
Across the globe, there are different ways of expressing dissent and staging protest. Hurling abuses and pelting stones is not any civilized way to express dissent, moreover no religion permits such kind of protest.
The parents in Kashmir must stop their children from coming out on streets to face security forces, who are also obliged to perform duties. Attacking and ransacking government buildings, assaulting policemen and damaging property cannot usher peace in the area. The youth must introspect and judge the prevailing situation of the state and put efforts to minimize the tension. The much loved poster boy though was on the way of jehad and his killing was deemed, so putting people across the state on toes for uncertain issue is illogical and presents the youth of Kashmir as insane breed.
Every individual of the valley must work on to bring peace in the area, so that prosperity may usher. People, especially youth have to keep this thing in mind that prevailing situation harms only common people.
At present the region is mired with the shortage of food, vegetables, baby food, milk and even medicine, therefore wisdom lies in putting joint efforts to bring peace in the valley, so that life may return back on track without much loss.

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