People watch traffic drive ‘suspiciously’

The severity being shown by the traffic police to tighten noose over the erring mini bus operator’s by removing tape recorders and CD players, right after the Talab Tillo incident, is although applauded, but it has caused sort of suspicion among the people.

Masses are quite doubtful regarding the duration of this severity and are watchful for how long it will linger.

“It would be amazing to see for how long this drive sustain as this kind of strictness after some major mishap has remained a seasonal feature in winter capital, while as the erring bus operators come back on same track after couple of days,” said commuters.

Pertinent to mention here that under the said drive police Station House Officer Nowabad Raghuvir Singh today seized 87 tape recorders from the minibuses.

Taking a step ahead Singh also removed stickers with vulgar quotations from the minibuses and asked the operators to reserve 1 to 9 seats for ladies and handicapped.

But again the question is that for how many days this drive will last. Though, Inspector General of Police Traffic, Viplav Kumar in a telephonic conversation with JK Newspoint said “This drive will continue for the infinite period and if any irregularities will be found in it, media should report and highlight them so that action shall be taken first hand”.

On being questioned about the dress code of the drivers and conductors, he said that police is also imposing fine to the drivers for not wearing uniforms and assured that very soon all the minibus driver will be seen in proper prescribed uniform.

It is worth mention here that proper uniform for the drivers has been prescribed, but despite strict orders the drivers keep the orders at bay and take advantage by becoming part of crowd after hitting someone, which makes their identity difficult.

Newspoint also raised question regarding non utilization of bus bay and other prescribed stands over which Kumar said that this point will also be taken into consideration adding that certain chowks like Ambphalla Chowk, K.C Chowk, Jewel Chowk, Dogra Chowk etc are the major stands where the minibuses are permitted to stand for some time, rest no other place amidst them is a stand.

Kumar expressed that overall public awareness is needed to streamline the traffic chaos and violations for which several steps are also being taken by the department through print, audio visual advertisement and other modes but unfortunately still the awareness process is in infancy.

He said that people should raise voice when some driver ply vehicle rashly or recklessly and should report to the police at any naka points installed at many places on roads.

Meanwhile, people across the city expressed happiness over the active approach of the police and said that should not be customary, which comes into sight only after some tragedy. This should be made regular feature, so that deaths due to road mishaps could be controlled.


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