Peoples’ Alliance is alliance sans people: Brig Gupta  

Declarations of August 2019 and 2020. In a bid to formalise their alliance, it has been named by them as Peoples’ Alliance. “The fact remains that the meeting was aimed at providing a common platform to the power seekers of Kashmir. It was a conglomeration of sworn foes till yesterday who fought with each other for loaves of power and now are jointly struggling for their political resurrection. The realisation that Kashmiri ‘awam’ is not only unhappy but angry with them has finally dawned upon them,” stated Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party.

It is thus an alliance of power seekers sans the people. These power seekers, like in the past, are once again attempting emotional exploitation of innocent people of Kashmir by selling them false hopes and making unachievable promises. In order to remain relevant they want Kashmir to remain in turmoil ignoring the wishes and aspirations of the people. “In any case safeguarding the interests of the common people was never the agenda of these power seekers,” lamented Brig Gupta. Gupkar for the Kashmiris has always been asymbol of VVIP culture and this meeting was only to safeguard their VVIP status and nothing else. It is a newly formed club of mutual back scratchers without any concern for the sentiments of the people. Also, the alliance lacks mandate to represent the concerns and sentiments of the people of Jammu
and Ladakh.

Dr Farooq has claimed that theirs is a constitutional battle. However, all these leaders know that the decision to abrogate 370, a temporary provision, and 35A, inserted illegally in the constitution was taken by a 2/3 rd majority of Indian Parliament which draws its authority from the Constitution. Moreover, the matter is subjudice in the Supreme Court, custodian of the constitution. Yet Farooq has invited China to help in reversing the abrogation of 370. “Does itnot amount to sedition? Do his alliance partners concur with him? Is it in the interest of Kashmiri people?” questioned Brig Gupta. It appears intent of the alliance is much more than what has been said. They should patiently await the verdict of the Supreme Court and refrain from making any tall and false promises to the people in order to vitiate prevailing peace in the Valley if they are true to what they have said.

The decision of Congress to stay away from the meeting is tactical since both Gupkar Declarations bear the signatures of Congress leaders. Though Mir himself feigned absence due to Covid screening, he also did not depute any other leader to attend. The decision of the Congress is driven more by the repercussion it could face in Bihar election than any change of heart, asserted the spokesperson