‘People’s Power is of Great Significance in a Democracy,’ Says PM Modi

New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation through ‘Mann ki Baat’.My fellow citizens, this is 12th episode of Mann Ki Baat, a year has passed.

I had addressed you in October last year.I urge the youth to register as voters and go out and vote when the time comes One year, a lot of conversation. I learnt a lot from you.

Jan Shakti is very important in a democracy.I sought inputs from you, I would take up a few of them but so many people contributed The lakhs of letters taught me invaluable lessons.

I got to know about the issues in the Government.Mann Ki Baat showcased Samajh Ki Shakti (strength of the people in a society).I had urged you all to buy some Khadi and I am happy the sales have increased so much.

This is realisation of Jan Shakti.Lakhs of families have given up their gas subsidies. These are not rich people. This is also a silent revolution.I have tried something new this time- asked people to share their questions through telephone.

I got over 55,000 calls.One would feel there is negativity all around but the phone calls, they had so many suggestions and so much positivity.Pawan’s message is right. Diyas do help the environment.

I urge you all to follow what Pawan said.Spent a lot of time with Armed personnel at Shauryanjali. I was supposed to be there for 30 minutes but spent much more than that.History was recreated at Shauryanjali.

We have always heard about the valour of our forces.See the strength of democracy. A small child has given me his orders.Parliament talks about cleanliness now, I am also criticised for it but I do not consider this to be a bad thing.I am again making an appeal for 2nd October, please buy some Khadi and handloom.Even buy Khadi and handloom during festivals.

I am not saying use only Khadi but give it some place in your lives.

There is something I am very happy to share. In May, I went to Kolkata where I met family of Subhas Babu.I have wanted to invite the entire family of Subhas Bose to my residence and in October over 50 family members will come to 7RCR.It is a matter of joy for me that I can host this family (Bose family) at my residence.

They are coming from various nations.I want to congratulate the election commission. Earlier it was a regulator now it is facilitator and has become very voter friendly.

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