Pep Guardiola leaves Bayern Munich showered in beer, praise

Berlin, May 15
Pep Guardiola was showered with beer and praise during Bundesliga title celebrations following his last home game as Bayern Munich coach on Saturday. Bayern, which had already secured an unprecedented fourth straight league title, signed off by beating relegated Hannover 3-1 for its 28th win from 34 games.
After lifting the trophy in front of 75,000 fans, Bayern’s players engaged in the customary beer showers, dousing any victims they could find with huge tankards of wheat beer. The beer on Guardiola came from his Spanish compatriot Xabi Alonso.
“It was cold, so cold,” Guardiola said. “And it stinks.” The on-pitch celebrations were cut short when several hundred fans attempted to join in. Guardiola and his players quickly left for the locker room, secured by the stadium’s security staff.
“A pity because we wanted to stay and celebrate a bit longer,” said Guardiola, who still described it as a “lovely day.” Before the game, Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thanked the coach for securing the title in each of his three seasons in charge. “We had a great time together,” Rummenigge said. “We had three brilliant years with you. You always kept pushing and pushing the team.”Rummenigge described Guardiola as a “great ambassador for us and for the whole Bundesliga.”
Scenes from Guardiola’s time in charge were shown in the stadium as fans applauded.

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