Physically-challenged Bengal sisters await euthanasia permission

Two physically-challenged sisters, who say they are frustrated over not getting any help from the government, are still waiting for the President and the Prime Minister’s nod to their plea for euthanasia.
A team of Nadia district officials in West Bengal visited their home on Sunday.
Rama Ghosh (34) and Krishna Ghosh (28), residents of Patuli village in Nadia district, move about on wheels and cannot do anything without assistance from a third person.
Their father Arun Ghosh (60) cannot render any help and so they are dependent solely on their mother Yamuna who is 55 years old.
The two sisters said that they had appealed for help to the district administration in the past, but no help came along. Sub divisional officer of Ranaghat, Prasejit Chakraborty, however, said that they had been provided a home under the Indira Awas Yojona. “They are also scheduled to get benefits of Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme. They have applied for it. They will get all benefits from the government according to existing rules,” he said. He, however, said there was no provision in the government rules to give direct jobs to handicapped persons. To get jobs they have to apply when there are vacancies.
However, the eldest daughter Rama said, “We want government jobs according to our qualifications or government provide us monetary assistance so that we can live and take an assistant.”
The family had also sent an appeal to Sumit Gupta, Nadia district magistrate, too. Gupta said that he had told SDO Chakraborty to look
into it.
The sisters said that they were still waiting for a positive response from the President and the Prime Minister to their appeal for permission of euthanasia.
“We are still waiting for a positive reply to our appeal, but if they are unable to help us, then please give us a little permission of death of our own will,” Rama said.

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