PK appeals PM to accept reality that Kashmir is in grip of Islamofascists

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Jammu Tawi, April 14
Panun Kashmir today appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to accept the reality that Kashmir is in the grip of Islamofascists who have to be defeated and destroyed. The policies pursued by government of India in Jammu and Kashmir have failed because they have relied upon harnessing soft-separatism instead of nourishing nationalism. Prime Minister needs to personally intervene and abandon the Agenda of Alliance as the basis of government in the state. Addressing the media persons wherein the members of Panun Kashmir said that the recent developments in Kashmir have once again underlined the inevitability of dividing Kashmir by creation of a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir.
They stated that Kashmir belongs to Hindus of Kashmir no less than the Muslims living there. The whole world has been witness to the organized onslaught by the storm troopers of the religious fascism in Kashmir on the election process and voting for the Parliamentary by-elections. Kashmir is in the grip of Islamofascists and whole of nation has to accept this reality and respond effectively to destroy them. Dithering in this matter will be suicidal for the nation of India.

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