PK urges UT for Kashmiri Pandits in Valley

Ahead of visit of All Party Delegation (APD) led by Union Home Minister of J&K, Panun Kashmir (PK) has raised the demand of Union Territory for Kashmiri Pandits in North and East of riverJhelum for the rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir.

In a press conference held today, MK Dhar, the official of PK, said that no other solution is acceptable to the Hindus of Kashmir other than UT due to the type of the order prevalent inKashmir and total rejection of coexistence and genocidal war on Hindus.

He also warns against any compromise with separatists in any form and asked Govt of India to desist from encouraging soft separatists and recognize the reality that present seditious unrest is the result of accommodating soft separatism.

“Ideas floated by some mainstream leaders of India like going back to 1952 position or implementing Mushrraf formula are prescriptions of disintegration of not only the state of Jammu and Kashmir but entire India,” he said.

He said Indian leadership has to recognize that unrest in Kashmir is an expression of religious fascism and it has to be recognized so and exposed in front of the entire world.

Call of Hurriyat leaders asking employees, police personnel to revolt against the state and warning to Army to vacate are signals which should be taken seriously, he added.

He said PK want to reiterate that special status, greater autonomy, self-rule, independence are not prescription to prevent Kashmir from becoming a domain of Islamo-fascism but actually stages of a religious fascist movement which wants to create an Islamic caliphate.

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