PK warns over soft pedaling with seditious Intifada in Valley

Panun Kashmir (PK) has warned Government of India about the danger of soft pedaling with growing multi pronged seditious Intifada in Kashmir Valley.

In a press conference held today, Dr Ajay Chrungoo, chairman Panun Kashmir and Dr Agnishekhar, convener, Panun Kashmir, said policies pursued with regard to terrorist-separatist have resulted in volcanic separatist eruptions.

They said that PK holds the view that present Intifada has a three pronged assault on sovereignty of the nation in J&K, its one arm is terrorism, other arm seditious mobilization and third arm is governmental collaboration in terms of instituting measures which smack of abdication of authority and accommodation of secessionism.

PK has a very clear perception that the often tom tommed policy of winning the hearts and minds of people by both the state and central government has only resulted in doubly empowering the separatist forces.

“The recent qualifying of the separatist and secessionist as citizens of India with full rights to meet everybody and anybody has officially lincensed the separatists to continue with its anti-national agenda and wage a subversive war from within. Separatist/secessionists now enjoy a status of citizens of India and the leaders of anti-India movement who hold almost a veto to legitimize to reject government policies,” they added.

PK also described the government policy of public removal of security bunkers and pickets like in Handwara incident an act of self laceration of the creditability of the security establishment particularly that of Indian, adding that handling of situation has undermined the respect and credibility of security forces.

They said that PK also rejects the policy of Government of India on return of Hindus of Kashmir and urged for to desist from making the internally displaced Hindus as guinea pigs.

They urged both the state and central government to stop its policies of harassment of Hindus of Kashmir as supply of ration has been stopped in camps for many months while power and water supply in camps are erratic.

“ Besides, small transition camps inhabited by Hindu employees in Kashmir valley are being subjected to systematic harassment and intimidation,” they said.

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