Plight of West Pakistani Refugees

The demand of West Pakistan refugees for citizenship right has been pending for last 70 years but now there seems a ray of hope when All Party Delegation during their visit at Jammu met with West Pakistani refugee leaders along with representatives of other organizations.
This ill fated community during partition of India-Pakistan migrated to J&K state and settled here but they have not been given citizenship a basic right even after passing of more than 70 years.
At present their strength is almost one lakhs and settled mostly on border belt starting from Pallanwala to Kathua, falling in district Jammu, Samba and Kathua.
From 1947 and onwards, now their fourth generation has been bearing the brunt of callous provision of state subject law of the state.
These people barring Parliament election cannot cast their vote in assembly and local body election while young generation after getting education can neither apply for government job in the state nor purchase land for construction of house for starting their business.
As part of their struggle, their delegation not only marched on foot from Jammu to Delhi but also during the time of Prime Minister Morajji Desai tried to cross the border at Suchetgarh to draw the attention of all political parties and the people of country but to no avail.
In addition, West Pakistani refugees are holding frequent protest demonstration from time to time to pressurize the government to accede their demands.
Government of India has opposed apartheid rule to the Indian community in South Africa and raised the issue at UN General Assembly and later on imposed a trade embargo against South Africa in protest.
It is regret to mention here that Government of India can struggle as far as discrimination to Indian in abroad but has failed to give justice to its own people living in its own country after a gap of 70 years.
It is not needless to mention here that this hapless community is also victim of Article 370 like other refugees of the state.
Under the blanket of this provision, the state government is not paying any attention to direction of central government and depriving them to give citizenship rights.
Moreover, what is fault of present generation, who was born and studied here and seeking employment. They are very much entitled to citizenship right.
It is hoped that central government can consider their demand of financial package.
But mere package would not solve their problems.
The permanent solution lies in giving them citizenship right which can be given by amending state subject law. At present no Valley based party is in favour of any amendment in state subject law and this is the reason that their demand is pending for a long time.
All successive government both at state and central except assurance has done nothing for them despite that they have not taken recourse of violence and took law in their hands.
We implore to both state and central government to consider their long pending demand of citizenship right so that their new generation do not suffer further.

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