PM Modi to roll out GST plan tomorrow in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will set the tone for roll-out of the “one nation, one tax” for Goods and Services when the 122nd constitutional amendment Bill is taken up in the Lok Sabha tomorrow to ratify the changes made in the legislation during its passage in the Rajya Sabha.
This would be for the first time that the Prime Minister going to open his mind on the key Bill, which is being billed as the biggest reform ever after the glass ceilings were shattered and the Indian economy was set free for the liberalised market.
Mr Modi has till now maintained a studied silence on the issue, leaving it to government’s senior ministers led by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to bat and garner support in favour of the bill.
The Constitution amendment for the GST was passed by the Upper House unanimously on August 3 with all the 203 members present pushing the “ayes” button in its favour.
With this a long drawn political tussle ended between the BJP and Congress, who had been ardent supporters of the idea of single Goods and Services Tax for entire country but vehemently opposing it according to their changing roles as ruling and opposition parties.
The Prime Minister’s intervention during the debate in Lok Sabha has an added political significance as he is learnt to have set deadlines for the completion of tardy processes before the GST implementation becomes a reality.
He is said to have given a time frame for its approval by required number of state assemblies by September this year. The ratification by 50 percent of state assemblies was needed for the next step.
This way the State Legislatures will also have their sovereignty, which is being termed as “pooled sovereignty” by the Finance Minster.

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