PMGSY in deep slumber, Bhalla to Kellar road in shambles, locals suffer

The dilapidated roads in Bhalla area of Bhaderwah are taking toll on the health of the travelers who continue to suffer with the administration failing to meet their demands for years.The inhabitants and traders of Bhalla residents in Bhaderwah are aghast over the step-motherly treatment of PMGSY for failing to repair the 15 km main road of Bhalla to Kellar .The Bhaderwah to Kellar area road lies in a dilapidated condition from many years.’’ due to which we have to face various difficulties day in a day out, the road is dotted after step by step with potholes we many times pleaded authorities but our request felt deaf ear constantly.’’ said a local Bablu .Rains may be a blessing for Kellar area of Bhalla Bhaderwah , especially for agriculture sector, but for commuters they are the worst nightmares. Rainfall only worsens the conditions of already depleted roads. For pedestrians, the misery is even worse. They not only have to navigate through the omnipresent potholes on the roads but also have to be wary about the passing vehicles which might spray them with muddy water. Rains for a Bhalla ,Bhaderwah mean muddy, water logged roads,he alleged.

Another local, Gulam Mohd Lone said in case of any emergency ,it take them hours to reach at District hospital Doda or Bhaderwah ‘’There is no transport facility available on this bumpy road as it has been in shambles from long’ ’Hamray-Bhalla Kellar road is being denied from black topping Lone alleged. The road has big pits all through Malothi ,Punjgarian ,Duggli . It is in shambles drivers don’t want to ply on the shambles roads and it gives often tough time to the commuters especially students are worst suffers, we often reach late on college and school and voice every time made-up story to escape from punishment of principal said a student who regularly travels on the same road .Locals said the road has been in the dilapidated condition from a long time and no official of PMGSY has bothered to them on this matter so that the road will get macadamized we have been continuously to suffer locals said. Bhalla block of Bhaderwah has been completely neglected. We are living a life of those ancient homeless nomads. We have powerless houses, unplyable and bruised roads, haunting streets and chaotic traffic in this 21st century, said another villager Pritam Kumar and claimed they are a thousand years behind other parts of the state. Executive Engineer PMGSY Doda when contacted didn’t respond the repeated calls made by this reporter.


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