PM’s intervention a positive step

Breaking his silence and appealing the people of Kashmir to shun violence, the prime minister of India-Narendra Modi has apparently showed concern towards the miseries of the common people.
Although, the prime minister took long time to make appeal, but his intervention at anytime could be taken as an important step towards confidence building among people of Kashmir and Indian government.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people of Kashmir to shun violence in his first public comments on the region’s situation after a month.
Modi overtly reached out to Kashmiris to maintain peace but unlike previous governments he did not show any soft corner for the separatists.
In his speech, he did not invite separatist leaders for talks, although was suggested by his party’s ally, the People’s Democratic Party.
Showing empathy towards people of the Kashmir, the prime minister stated that it was painful to see innocent youngsters, who should be holding laptops, books and cricket bats, have been given stones.
Tens of thousands of Kashmiris have defied a strict curfew and security crackdown to participate in street protests over the killing of a Hizbul Commander on July 8. The intervention of Prime Minister shows that the people of Kashmir are not alienated and are being cared by one and all. The prime minister did not speak on the issue so far owing to his anti-Muslim stereotyped image. The opposition has so badly exploited Gujarat incident that Narendra Modi has been seen as an anti Muslim minister, which till date has not proved anywhere. His silence over the issue was because of the reason that Kashmir is Muslim majority state and how the things are unfolding and how law and order is being maintained, Narendra Modi did not want to get involved in propaganda, although working for bringing peace in the region.
Opposition leaders have criticised Modi for keeping quiet on the deteriorating situation in Kashmir.
They had urged Modi to hold a meeting in which leaders of all political parties could discuss and offer ways to reach out to the people of Kashmir.
Modi had ensured the nation that Kashmiris enjoy the freedom felt by Indians everywhere and his government was working to solve their difficulties.

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