PM’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan goes for toss in JU

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much talked about ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ has seemingly failed to attract attention of authorities in Jammu University.

Garbage littered in the lawns of the campus showcases seriousness of Jammu University in keeping the campus clean. This is despite the fact that campus has funds readily available for the upkeep and maintenance. Jammu University charges heavy fee for various courses, examinations and other student related activities and but has miserably failed to ensure clean and disease free environment for the students, scholars and even the faculty members.

Official sources said that it is Health Centre of Jammu University which has the official responsibility of keeping the University clean. Despite availability of funds and well established centre for cleanliness, all efforts seem to be in vain as the garbage, left over eatables and discarded disposables could be seen littered all around the university campus especially near MCA Department.

Also the very famous Zorawar Singh Auditorium of Jammu University doesn’t seem very attractive as it demands regular cleaning. On being asked, Registrar of University of Jammu Keshav Sharma gave a brief account about how the cleanliness could be ensured in the campus. He said that University being a very important institution should always be very clean and also added that students of the University itself have a very important role to play in keeping the University campus clean as they are the future role models of the society.

When asked about the availability of the funds for cleanliness, he said that university raises its own funds to maintain the cleanliness and disposal of garbage and they have also applied for funds from centre’s scheme of Swach Bharat Abhyan. However, he was not forthcoming when asked about the current state of affairs of cleanliness in Jammu University.

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