PoK & Chamb refugees, DPs real stake holders on J&K

Former Minister and JKPCC general secretary Manjit Singh today expressed concern ignorance of PoK & Chamb Refugees and displaced persons when a delegation of parliamentarian.
Issuing a statement, former minister Manjit Singh said BJP Government in Centre as well as in Jammu and Kashmir has turned blind eyes towards the PoK & Chamb refugees/DPs of 1947, 1965 and 1971.
“They are not taken into account by the Government with regard discussion of J&K issue. They are actual sufferer and stake holder as well but no one has taken them into confidence before holding discussion,” he said.
He expressed surprise and said that these nationalist PoK & Chamb refugees/DPs have not taken up arms instead gave their lives to save the country from Pakistani aggression many a times. “They lost their houses, live stock and even their family members yet they have remained loyal to the nation but the saffron party which always beats its chest on the name of nationalism has ignored these nationalist people,” he further alleged.
He alleged that the Congress Government had announced Rs 25 lakhs per family as compensation to the PoK & Chamb Refugees / DPs, while joint parliamentary committed Rs 30 lakhs.
Interestingly, the Modi Government reduced the amount to Rs 5 lakhs per family which is completely in sufficient and it shows how BJP is serious about the plight of the DPs, or PoK & Chamb Refugees.
Those who were present in meeting Manmohan Singh Monni, Ex. Capt. Mohan Lal Sharma, Ex. Sarpanch Gurjit Singh , Billu Choudhary , Ex. Capt Gurnek Singh, Nanak Choudhary ,Shamsher Singh , Narayan Dass Nanni, Santokh Singh , Ex. Capt. Sodhgar Choudhary, Surinder Sharma.

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