Police Reforms, Tough Measures: Need of Hour

A police officer has been caught for having allegedly outraged modesty of a woman in a Police station. He has been booked and in all probability he is likely to face the music. Apart from being stripped off the uniform he had been wearing since the day he joined services, this police officer is likely to go behind the bars for a long time.

Even the judiciary is not going to show any leniency since the case involves a female who had run away from her home with her friend, was caught by the accused police officer and then, raped on the pretext that the police officer would ensure she gets married with the same person with whom she had eloped.

This is serious offence since it involves betraying trust of the people, misusing the police uniform and silencing the victim by cultivating a fear of police might in her heart. The police officer wore Khakhi but did not hesitate in blackening the face of his department.

The incident raises two sharp question one why did this incident take place inside a police station and why do police officers misuse the powers they enjoy. The answer to both these questions lies in the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is a disturbed state where terrorism is the major issue. On the name of fighting terrorism, police has been found involved in number of acts of omission and commission. The unbridled powers, that the police officer enjoys in Jammu and Kashmir pushes him at times on the wrong road purely because of the fact that there is no one to keep an eye on him.

The checks and balances that a police officer should have during normal policing are all missing. He is a law onto himself, Whatever he does inside the police station is hardly reported at the top. And, those at the top also do not bother to keep a track on what is happening in the ranks below them. The routine visits of the officers to the police stations have gone completely missing.

A cop standing on the road does whatever he likes and is not asked even a single question for being so. There is much more to the story. But need of the hour is to rectify the wrongs and prevent further deterioration of the police services. It goes to the credit of the Jammu and Kashmir police that it has some of the finest officers working at various positions whose honesty and integrity is beyond doubt. It is for the sake of these officers that steps should be taken to modernize the police force, bring in required reforms and make police stations people friendly. Let state not create an impression that it is not interested in reforms further state should also not take this issue lightly by referring this as one odd incident.

It should there in mind that these incidents are a routine but mostly go unreported. though measures are need of the hour, Accused should not be spared and an example should be made out of him so that others do not have courage to do these kinds of acts. The earlier it is done, the better.

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