Politics over martyrs’ families

After attainment of martyrdom by Indian soldiers in terrorist related incident or on cross border firing, it has been become a practice on the part of several leaders of the political parties to visit the bereaved families of deceased
soldiers to express sympathies and solidarity with them.
As a general point of view, this move on the part of the leaders is praiseworthy and highly appreciable but regrettably this move is going to become mere a cosmetic to draw media attention as after that nobody visit the affected families of soldiers to enquire their well being and they are left with adversary of remaining life to face in absence of earning and head of their family member.
As far as payment of financial assistance to the families of martyrs is concerned, except J&K, all other states of the country are extending lump sum financial assistance to their respective martyrs.
Not to speak of ex-gratia relief, even annual annuity is not paid to gallantry award winners of the state, which is a routine thing and required to be paid in every year. It is pertinent to mention here that no successive government from J&K state has till date given any financial assistance to families of its martyrs after any terrorist attack. They receive only terminal benefits whatever is given by the central government as per its rule.
In recent Uri attack, two sons of soil attained martyrdom, to express sympathies with the bereaved families, Congress leaders visited the families but played politics by shedding crocodile tears on the issue of payment of additional ex-gratia amount to the families by the state government.
They also blamed BJP for paying only lip sympathy to the martyrs families.
It may be recalled here that Congress party with its coalition partner PDP and thereafter with NC remained in power continuously for almost 12 years before PDP-BJP government came to power in the state.
In that period, several J&K soldiers attained martyrdom but these Congress leaders never thought of giving enhanced ex-gratia payments to their families. In fact on numerous occasions they even did not pay visit to the bereaved families.
Now when Congress party is out of power both at central and state government, they are doing such type of drama just to revive their sagging political career. The people of the state has out rightly rejected the in both assembly and parliament election., they should take recourse of constructive opposition and oppose only reasonable issue which matters to the people. They are now playing with the sentiments of the already shattered families of the martyrs.
Given that Congress leaders are concerned with the families of martyrdom then why they are not paying from the numerous trusts being run by the Gandhi family and party funds.
The need of hours demand that at present these families need moral and psychology support to come to grip with the tragedy and not false sympathies, hollow slogans and political gimmick.
We appeal the present PDP-BJP government led by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to start making payment of ex-gratia to martyrs of the state like practice in vogue in other states.

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