Porous border between PoK, J-K only way out: Farooq Abdullah

A few days after triggering controversy over remarks on the status of Kashmir, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Dr Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that a porous border between the Kashmir and PoK is the only lasting solution for the Kashmir problem.

In an informal interview with a few reporters inside a shopping arcade in Srinagar’s residency Road, Abdullah said, “Only when girls from that part of Kashmir (POK) can marry boys from here (Jammu and Kashmir) and girls from here can marry there. We have to live as one joint family, that will solve a lot of problems between India and Pakistan”.

Abdullah said this way the footprint of troops across the border will be reduced”. “This however will not go down well with people whose livelihood (dukan) depends on keeping the trouble brewing in Kashmir”, he added.

Abdullah reiterated his earlier comment stating that Pakistan and India should keep their parts of Kashmir as a final solution. “This is not what I am saying, this was stated by their own PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee when he went to Pakistan. It was his suggestion to Pak Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief,” he added. “If Farooq Abdullah is saying so why is it bad,” he asked.

Abdullah said National Conference was ready to accept “any other solution if they (ruling government) have it.”

“If PoK could have been captured by military might they would have done that already. Or If Pakistan could take away our part of Kashmir they would have also done it. I cannot see any other solution,” he said.

“Kashmiri’s are dying on either sides of the border. We are suffering, tourists disappear with one bomb blast,” he added.

“I welcome the way the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met in Paris. That is the only way out,’’ he added.

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