Pradesh Congress Committee lambasts coalition govt

Namrata Sharma, General Secretary Pradesh Congress committee strongly lambasted at present BJP coalition govt. for ignoring the Bishnah constituency and devoid of the development programs.
She said that Bishnah and boarder area Arnia lacks basic amenities of life and people of the constituency are suffering a lot due to the badly damaged roads, non availability of electricity and drinking water.
She further said that the people of Bishnah constituency have every right of being a developed constituency and the former MLA did nothing to upgrade this constituency. She further said that BJP collation govt, is also giving a step mother treatment and has virtually stopped the development programmes in the constituency.
She added that Hospital in Bishnsh and Arnia are in Bad shape and demanded that the govt should upgrade the Bishnah and Arnia hospital as these both hospitals do not have adequate medical facilities and staff.
Both the hospitals should have trauma centre and adequate ventilators to save the previous lives of people of constituency.
She also demanded from the govt for opening of a degree college for boys and girls at Arnia and more primary’s health centre in Bishnah constituency.
She further said the major roads connecting Bishnah to Arnia are badly damaged and highly accident prone.
She said BJP govt is making roads where there are BJPs MLAs and wasting public money for making roads in their respective constituency s only.
She warned that govt fails to make all highly damaged roads of Bishnah and Arnia the people of constituency will be on roads against the govt deliberated neglected agenda .
She said that BJP has no programs and policy for the welfare of the people and development of the state.
The BJPs ministers are inaugurating Congress made and tailored programs and are taking credit for the same. The price hike of every essential commodity in the country has make life miserable for a common man of the nation.
She assured the people that she will fight for the rights and overall development of Bishnah constituency and Congress party always stand by them and no discrimination will be tolerated any more.

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